Professionalism Defined

Clients come first. Every client and every assignment is unique.

We have a deeply-ingrained client service culture.

We approach every client with a fresh perspective, taking advantage of our considerable experience and judgment, earned through decades on the front lines of the most challenging business issues. There is no such thing as an off the shelf solution.

We provide customized solutions to clients’ communications needs, and pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of client service to every assignment.

Our client teams remain constant throughout the engagement, though we often draw on the skill sets and experience of other members of the firm to meet specific needs.

Our Heritage

Founded by Gershon Kekst in 1970, Kekst has been leading strategic and financial communications for decades.

Over nearly half a century, the Kekst team has remained true to the firm’s founding philosophy: focus on the client; understand the unique challenge or opportunity; and partner closely to deliver the experience and judgment to make a difference.

Early in Kekst’s history, the firm leveraged its capabilities in investor relations and strategic positioning in its close work with law firms and investment banks on hostile and friendly transactions, in the initial major waves of M&A activity.

Over time, Kekst developed capabilities in other special situation communications to expand its offering to a broad range of mission critical areas.

Kekst continues to expand its team of proven senior communications counselors and its work in emerging areas of strategic communications such as shareholder activism or cybersecurity.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Even as we strive for unparalleled success in our work for clients, we remain conscious of ways to maximize our positive contribution and fellowship to society.

Over the years Kekst has supported dozens of noteworthy organizations, reflecting our commitment to assist worthy causes, improve our society, and help those in need in our city, across the country and around the world.

Kekst is proud to choose to support ArtsConnection, which partners with elementary, middle and high schools across all five boroughs of New York City to integrate the arts – dance, theater, visual arts, media and music – into students’ overall learning and development.

As part of that relationship, Kekst is currently hosting at its offices Viewpoints, Stories and Connections, an exhibition of original student artwork from participants in ArtsConnection’s Student Art Program, which showcases works by young artists in grades 6-12 from a wide cross-section of New York City’s public schools.

Kekst professionals serve on the Boards of several non-profit organizations including:

  • The ALS Association
  • Central Synagogue
  • Friends of the Charles Rogers Wildlife Refuge
  • Generation Schools Network
  • Hope Collaborative
  • Lawyers for Children
  • New York City Audubon Society
  • New York Youth Symphony
  • Penn Women
  • Prep for Prep
  • Search for Common Ground
  • Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Association
  • Union Settlement Association
  • Vera Institute of Justice
  • Young Israel of New Rochelle